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We are happy to fulfill your logistic dreams, such as:
  • flexible, scalable warehousing to meet your current needs,
  • integrating our systems in order to process orders from your shop automaticall,
  • receiving and registering your products in a professional manner,
  • storing your inventory with the respect it deserves,
  • packing products immediately, even before your customer thinks it is time to pack them,
  • delivering to the hands of your satisfied customer. Within 24 h at most times,
  • returns handled as efficiently as deliveries.


By outsourcing the fulfillment process to us:
  • you get it out of the way,
  • you save time and money,
  • you save the fixed costs of maintaining a warehouse and its staff,
  • you don't have to worry about buying packaging and fillers,
We have no idea what you will do with the time you save, but you can:
  • concentrate on growing your business,
  • focus even more on your people,
  • plan for expansion into foreign markets,
  • tally up the benefits of optimal warehousing,
  • when they ask what gives you pleasure, answer that ... logistics.

Fulfillment from Olza

complete process

Olza's dedicated e-commerce fulfillment is much more than just storing and shipping products. It is a complete process outsourcing service that frees e-commerce owners and employees from the need to be involved in any part of the delivery chain. We offer:

  1. straightforward terms of cooperation,
  2. IT system integration,
  3. comprehensive order processing,
  4. professional storage of various types of goods,
  5. safe packaging,
  6. flawless release for delivery,
  7. prompt deliveries,
  8. complete reverse logistics, with express resale.
years of experience in handling e-commerce
Want to save money?
Have more time for your growing business?
Sales are growing and you are running out of storage space?
Don't want to waste energy on shipping and handling?
If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then fulfillment is the perfect solution for you!

Running an e-shop requires optimal logistics and warehousing solutions. These are labour-intensive and costly processes that require access to warehouse space and more staff. Technical expertise is also essential. What about working with a partner who does it all for you?

We take care of the entire fulfillment and logistics process. We give you access to scalable storage space, secure product storage, fast packing and automated dispatch. We'll also deliver your parcels to customers across Europe the way they want them: door-to-door, to a pick-up point or a parcel machine.

Our services can help you increase sales efficiency and reduce operating costs. Whether you are a start-up or a large e-retailer.

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Fulfilment e-commerce

Fulfilling orders in an online store is complex and time-consuming. From receiving the order, through packaging, and to shipping the goods to the customer. Every e-shop owner sooner or later faces a huge challenge, which is the processing of sending a large number of orders. And this is where e-commerce fulfilment comes in. If you entrust the tasks associated with packing and shipping goods to an external company, you will not only save time and money, but thanks to the time saved, you will have the control to expand what your store can offer. For these reasons, this service is suitable for both aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs and experienced sellers.

Under the fulfilment terms, you can imagine the delegation of logistical tasks and all processes relating to the packaging of orders and the dispatch of the goods from an online store.

Some companies also offer complaint handling and returns processing. Order processing, including shipping, does not have to be the only fulfilment service. It can also include full technological support, shifting the focus to the store's website operations, or integrating stock levels.

These services can be used not only by online store owners but also by manufacturers and distributors. Outsourcing logistics activities brings several benefits, one of which is undoubtedly the fact that you will get more time and resources to develop your business.

The fulfilment model assumes that the seller operates the online store in the virtual sphere, while the supplier provides all operational activities in the real sphere that are related to the fulfilment and dispatch of orders.

Who is fulfilment for?

If you are the owner of an online store and the systematic increase in sales means that you can no longer handle and ship orders yourself, the fulfilment service is exactly for you. This solution is suitable for small to medium-sized online stores that do not have their own warehouse space, but also for those online stores that are growing rapidly.

Fulfilment for e-commerce – why is it a great solution?

Thanks to the fact that the entire logistics process is handled by an external company, you save not only time but also money. This way, you can focus on acquiring new customers and generating profits. You don't have to worry about fulfilling orders during periods of increased shopping activity (e.g. before Christmas) or your holidays and business trips. Thanks to the use of fulfilment services, you do not have to rent additional warehouse space to store your goods. As a result, you reduce your fixed costs.

You can also count on faster delivery of your goods to the customer. The process of handing over an order for shipment takes place automatically using the integrated systems (trade with an external company). The information that a purchase has been made in the store is immediately sent to an external warehouse. Necessary documents are then automatically generated. Full automation of the logistics process also minimizes the risk of errors.

Undoubtedly, the basis of effective online sales is a well-functioning logistics process. It is not always worth investing in your warehouse facilities. Sometimes it's even unrealistic, especially for people who are just starting their adventure with online sales. The main reason for this is mainly that it requires a large financial investment. Fulfilment seems to be a good alternative because running an online store is not only easier but also more efficient.

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